July 1, 2024: Audrey Clementine Newsletter

July 1, 2024: Audrey Clementine Newsletter


Tagline: A dead rock star. A disabled sleuth. Thousands of fans. Can Josie find the killer before they fade into the crowd forever?


July 1, 2024


Hello Friends! I’ve decided to switch up the newsletter delivery day from the last day to the first of the month.

The speed at which time has flown since June and the beginning of garden planting is astonishing, as we now find ourselves at the end, with the tops of the plants already reaching ankle height or even higher. 

At present, my primary focus is devoted to the completion of the final chapters for the next installment in the Misty Milton Mysteries series, a book that has been shrouded in its own web of unanswered questions—an intriguing phenomenon that seems to befall mystery writers, almost as if they possess the power to channel mystifying events from the very fabric of the universe and weave them into their own narratives. Have you ever experienced a situation like this before?

Thanks to my participation in a book group, I came across a new author whose work I am now enjoying. Allow me to introduce you to Elle Wren Burke, the talented author behind the captivating book series titled “Almost Fangmous” Vampire Pet Boutique Mysteries.

In addition to having all the typical elements of a paranormal mystery, this one goes above and beyond. I’m rating “Almost Fangmous” with five stars because it’s a fantastic pet paranormal, but I’m holding onto my blood.

The Book Funnel page for Elle can be found below, where you will find everything you need to know.

Mark your calendars for next month because I’ll be back with exciting updates on my current novel, as well as an incredible new book recommendation just for you!


Kind Regards,
Audrey Clementine

Title: Almost Fangmous


Tagline: A dead rock star. A disabled sleuth. Thousands of fans. Can Josie find the killer before they fade into the crowd forever?


Link: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/rtxjzcl8hj



Josie Wixx, pet-boutique owner and disabled vampire, just wants to enjoy the best vampire music festival of the year, Stakestock, which is held in her gorgeous town, Arteria Falls, Colorado—a snug little community pressed against the Rocky Mountains. But before she can even dip her fangs into the music, she stumbles across one of her favorite frontmen dead on the ground.


With the whole festival at stake, Josie is asked to resurrect the investigative skills she acquired while assisting her grandfather, the town’s old private investigator. With the help of a borrowed neon-orange mobility scooter, Josie zips around the festival to look for answers, using the scooter’s horn on anyone who gets in her way. But the more she digs, the more Josie realizes the killer might be closer than anyone could have guessed.


Scene Snippet:




Emergency services was having a hard time understanding me given the sounds reverberating backstage, so I had to yell. They finally got the picture and sent over the paramedics and police officers assigned to the event.


I moved the scooter back over to my friends, who were both inspecting the body. The scene in front of me was making me a bit queasy, not just because I hadn’t seen a dead body in a while, but because I knew the man on the ground.


Torian James, lead vocalist and guitarist for Casket—one of my favorite bands. The band Lynnae and I had been dying to see in just a few minutes.


Cover Image:



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