Scorcher Press™

Scorcher Press™

Scorcher Press™ 

We are a traditional publisher that publishes animal stories most genres, cozy mysteries and suspense.

Our award-winning and bestselling titles are sold as audio, ebook, box sets, paperback and hardcover.

Most of our titles are sold exclusively through our sites and retail store, Peacock Books & Wildlife Art. 


 The Misty Milton Mysteries Series

Book 1: The Curious Corpse in the Cavern

Book 2: The Bizarre Bodies at the Beach

Book 3: The Heinous Homicides on the Honeymoon

Book 4: The Rock Star Revenge at the Reunion

Book 5: The Sneaky Seashore Slayer, (Written after the series had started) The Prequel to the series 

Book 6: The Crabby Cadaver at the Christmas Carnival 



Book 7: The Halloween Hoax at the Haunted Corn Maze

Book 8: The Cooked Turkey at the Mortuary

Book 9: The Frozen Fraiser at the Christmas Tree Stand



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